Exemplar KS3 Projects: (this content is only available to FabLab students)

It’s amazing what you can do with some basic electronics, some acrylic and some gold paint (…IF you’ve got access to a PCB maker and a laser cutter!)

Basic Electronics kits:


Are available to buy and I will teach you some basic soldering skills. These come from the states and so postage is a killer – email me for details if you’ve got relos in the US.

For example:

  • Y7 – Maze Game – Acrylic (We use this for bench-marking.)
  • Y7 – LED Lamp – CAD/CAM & Electronics (ePortfolio)
  • Y7 – Money Box – Wood (ePortfolio)
  • Y7 – Antweight Robot – Electronics plus 3D Printing
  • Y8 – PIR/LED Lamp – Electronics plus Resistant Materials (ePortfolio)
  • Y8 – Design Movement Clock – CAD/CAM & Acrylic
  • Y8 – Olympic Sculpture – Metalwork
  • Y9 – Cultural Jewellery – CAD/CAM & Pewter
  • Y9 – MP3 Amp plus Case – Electronics plus Resistant Materials

Y7 Project 1: Acrylic Hexagonal / Game / Keyring

We start with some basic skill exercises and a short exam to establish a baseline for progression.



  • Accuracy
  • Perseverance
  • Technique:
  • Cutting Techniques
  • Filing Techniques
  • Finishing Techniques

Y7 Project 2: Design and Make an LED lamp based on a Space Exploration theme.

2018 Update: Take a look at what Ben made for me over his summer hols:

Y7 LED Light ePortfolio

Thanks Ben!


Designed by Ben R.
20180227_150834087_iOSDesigned by
20180226_150158693_iOSDesigned by


Y7 Project 3: Design and make a musical money box (MMB).



Sometimes you’re reminded why you became a teacher: I asked the boys to develop their own learning power through designing/writing  a piece of learning material based on the Musical Moneybox Project. Nearly every one was great but the website produced by Keeran was brilliant! Another piece of fantastic work was the powerpoint produced by Soham. Both of them are to be congratulated and both students put my Y10 students to shame!

2018 Update: And then came Ben! Check out what must be the most fantastic piece of Y7 D&T work ever! Y7 LED Light ePortfolio – A***

Y8 Project 1: Art Movement Clock

Y8 Acrylic Pop Art Clock
Y8 Bauhaus Clock
Y8 Acrylic Bauhaus clock designed by John H.
Handmade Foamex Bauhaus Clock by Ninthujan K.
Dimayuga, Edward2
Handmade Foamex Bauhaus Clock by Eddie D.
Y8 Acrylic Bauhaus Clock by Lennon H.


  • Design
  • Foamex Cutting Techniques
  • Foamex Filing Techniques
  • Foamex Finishing Techniques
  • Acrylic Finishing Techniques
  • 2D Design CAD/CAM

Y8 Project 2: Abstract Metal Olympic Trophy

2017 Y8 Olympic Runner
Ballard, Leo 8-1 3
2017 Y8 Olympic Weight Lifting Trophy designed by Leo B.
Baekhan Sung 8-2 0
2017 Y8 Olympic Taekwondo Trophy designed by Baekhan S.
Y8 metalwork
2016 Y8 Olympic Ski Trophy designed by John H.


  • Design
  • Mild Steel Cutting Techniques
  • Mild Steel Filing Techniques
  • Mild Steel Finishing Techniques

Y8 Project 3: PIR/LED Lamp


Y8 PIR Lamp (Teachers’ Powerpoint)

Y8 PIR Lamp Checklist

Y8 PIR Lamp ePortfolio – A***

wiring 2

USB – 10 Ohm Resistor

wiring 1

12V – 33 Ohm Resistor


12V – 10 Ohm Resistor

Info on the 1W LED (PDF)


  • Design
  • Product Analysis
  • TMG
  • Materials/ Processes Research
  • Resistant Materials Research

Y9 Project 1: Pewter Jewellery

Wainright, Luke 1
Y9 Pewter Jewellery designed by Luke W.
Nitharsan, Mahiethan2
Y9 Pewter Jewellery designed by Mahiethan N.


  • Design
  • 2D Design/CAD/CAM
  • Hot Metal Casting Techniques
  • Pewter Filing Techniques
  • Pewter Finishing Technique

Y9 Project 2: MP3 Player





Y9 MP3 Player designed by Mohammed N.The NEW 10W amp will give you great sounds!

Step by Step Build Instructions: 

MP3 Amp – Step by Step 2018 (PDF)

Skills Developed

  • Design
  • PCB Build
  • Soldering Techniques
  • Error Resolution Techniques
  • 2D Design CAD/CAM
  • Acrylic Finishing Techniques