Antweight Fight Club!

First Antweight Workshop!


First Antweight arena:



This is an ongoing project…I need to redesign it with higher polycarbonate sides, an automatic pit release system and LED lighting.

Antweight Workshop: Concept designing


Antweight Workshop: Concept testing in cardboard:

cardboard_antweightAntweight Workshop: Making


3D Printing chassis


Start your engineering career!

How to build a UK Antweight Robot

Antweight robots must weigh less than 150g and fit within a 100 mm cube. If you are interested in joining you need to form a team of at least 4 members and be willing to put 25 pounds each into the kitty. This will go to buying the electronics, motors etc which we will fit into the robot chassis’ you design.

Example Components .

Armour 5mm dense foamboard, 0.3 mm aluminium and 2mm polycarbonate.
Weapon Unknown
Wheels 3d printed 25 mm diameter from nuts and bots x 2
Drive ESC NanoTwo V3 Dual ESC .
Drive Motors 50:1 Micro Metal Gearmotors 420 RPM x 2
Motors Mounts Micro Gearmotors mounts
Battery Turnigy nano-tech 180mah 2S 25~40C Lipo Pack. SKU: 9067000284-0
Power Switch Fingertech mini power switch.
Weapon Motor 9g Micro MG90S Metal Servo

These parts come in at just under 100GBP so we need teams of 4 or 5 boys who can all contribute.

We can design chassis in Google SketchUp or Fusion 360 and then print them on the STEM 3D printer OR you can design and build them out of traditional d.TEC materials such as aluminium or polycarbonates. Either way once built we can battle them within the school or at the Antweight Combat Robot Nationals.

So, start researching, talk to you mates and then come see Mr. Elphick in the FabLab at lunchtime!