Jumpstart your Antweight Robot fighting career! Update: :(

I’ll report on it as soon as I’ve received/tested my first kit – it could be a great way to jumpstart your Antweight Robot fighting career!

Bristol Bot Builders: Antweight Kit


I received the kit (£31) that claims “All the main parts you need to build a driveable antweight combat robot, just add a battery and transmitter!”

Not quite:

  1. You also need a Receiver – which does not come with the kit. You need to “talk” to your robot – so thats another purchase (£10).

    If you’re starting from scratch then this may be the way to go. I however already had invested in a different system!
  2. The receiver works on a different system to my Spektrum DX6i transmitter. Therefore you have to buy a transmitter (£50).
  3. Of course you’ll always need at least one battery (£10).
  4. So in addition to the £31 kit, you’ll need another £70 in kit before you can build your antweight!
  5. Because the ESCs are built into the motors this kit only works with non-ESC integrated receivers (which are good for space saving). So no NanoTwos (which I use).
  6. I did struggled with BBB – I felt their ad was misleading, (and I didn’t read the small print – buying off your phone late at night is not recommended!) they also did not offer a refund on the parts (now useless unless I spend a lot more cash) once they found out my mistake.
  7. So, be advised: it may not be the cheapest way to get into Antweight Combat robots ( approx. £100) but I’ve yet to find one. The other alternative (which is how I jump started our school AWCR club) is to buy a prebuilt AWR (£90) and a second hand receiver (£40) from a RC model shop.
  8. I’ll hold onto the parts and when I’ve got time/money I’ll complete the build.

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