Outcome vs Output – my view:

A client’s goal (their desired outcome) is to sell more product online.

You tell the client that the solution to his problem is a website. (The website is an output.)

You, the designer, can build a website; deliver it on time and to budget; and even make it beautiful and easy to use, however, if it does not achieve the client’s desired outcome (to sell more of product online) then the client’s outcome has not been achieved.

So you go back to the beginning – analyse the problem. You see the website as part of the solution but not the whole: it needs support from online marketing, social media and advertising. These are now all outputs.

Have you helped the client reached their goal? If not you need to retrace your steps and re-analyse, re-create and re-evaluate…ie: employ iterative design thinking.

Remember:  The customer doesn’t want to buy a cow. They want to drink milk. In other words, they care about the end result,

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