Private Design & Technology / STEM tution.

Are you behind with your DT work? Need help with your portfolio? Do you have any special educational requirements that are not being met in the classroom? Need help coming up with some stonkingly great ideas? Look no further…LOOK HERE!

I now offer private tutoring in the following subjects:

  • Design & Technology
  • Resistant Materials
  • Systems & Control (Electronics)
  • Product Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • STEM projects (VEX Robotics, F1 in Schools, Antweight Robot Wars etc.)

I can teach at all the following levels:

  • Primary (KS1, KS2)
  • Secondary (KS3, KS4)
  • Sixth Form College (KS5)
  • University and Adult Education (Life Long Learning)

I also help students prepare themselves, and their portfolios, for scholarship interviews at independent schools and colleges.

Parent feedback: (from TutorHunt)

Andrea (Mrs)

Jeremy quickly identified skills gaps and set clear lesson plans. Very enthusiastic. An excellent tutor.

Sue (Mrs)

Jeremy is reliable, competent and a great teacher. He supported us with two valuable D.T workshops for year 11 pupils.

For further information/rates/availability please contact me: BOOK HERE!

Thank you.

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