Open to year 7s this is a chance to build and fight your own mini-robowars!

Antweight robots must weigh less than 150g and fit within a 4 inch cube. If you are interested in joining you need to form a team of at least 4 members and be willing to put 25 pounds each into the kitty. This will go to buying the electronics, motors etc which we will fit into the robot chassis’ you design. Mr. Elphick will manage each teams kitty and the purchase of all kit.

We can design the robot chassis’ in Google SketchUp or Fusion 360 and then print them on the STEM 3D printer OR you can design and build them out of traditional d.TEC materials such as aluminium or polycarbonates. Either way once built we can battle them within the school or at the Antweight Combat Robot Nationals.

This project needs to be student led – you need to research the problem properly and then to design a solution – I then step in and help you build your robots – but you do need to be keen and committed.

There may not be alot of time left in this term to build the robot but you can design and print/make at least one experimental chassis. Good places to look are the, the internet and

So, start researching, talk to you mates and then come see Mr. Elphick in the FabLab at lunchtime!

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