Design, Print, Race!

If you’re in Year 8 September 2017 and you’re keen to design and race some Scalectrix type cars, read on:

In order to raise the money to buy in to the 3D DIGITAL SLOT CAR RACING project I need to know how many students are interested.

You will:

Attend the lunchtime FabLab.

  • Form teams (max. 4 students per team – teams of 2 preferred)
  • DESIGN the racing car bodies using 3D CAD such as Sketchup.
  • PRINT the racing car body using our 3D printer which will then be bolted onto a pre-built Scalectrix style chassis.
  • RACE the cars internally on the analogue Scalectrix chassis and then nationally with a digital chassis.

Full details under the: 3D DIGITAL SLOT CAR RACING link above.

Please let me know by email if you’re interested.

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